5 Best Gamepad App For Android 2020


Are you searching for the Best Gamepad App For Android? You are at the right place.

If you are reading this post then it is clear that you are a Game lover, So there are many games available on the Google play store which you can play to entertain yourself.

But that you need a gamepad which helps you to play the game very smoothly. And to control that gamepad you need Android App.

So in this article, we are going to introduce 5 Best Gamepad App For Android mobile so that you can enjoy your game without any problem.

Best Gamepad App For Android

There are many Gamepad App available in the Google Play store but we are sharing the best 5 here.

#1. Panda Gamepad

gamepad app for android

It is one of the most popular Gamepad App available in the Google Play store. Panda Gamepad is our favorite app when it comes to choosing an App for gaming.

Features Of Panda Gamepad Pro:

  • You can run games directly without cloning any app
  • Google Play login is supported
  • You are not going to baned by any Game

But the main fact is that it is a paid app. But you can Download Panda Gamepad Pro APK and use it on your mobile for free.

#2. Droid Pad

gamepad app for android

It is the most famous Gamepad app in its category. Droid Pad allows you to use your mobile phone as a gamepad. Also, you can use your mobile as a mouse and keyboard for your PC.

You don’t need any special connectivity to use Droid Pad. Just connect it via Bluetooth or Wifi. You can download this app from the Google Play store and use it to play your game.

To use Droid Pad, you just need to download it from the Google Play store and also download software for PC from their official website. It will connect the phone with your PC.

After that, you have to configure your mobile and PC to use it properly. Once it did, now its time to enjoy your mobile as a mouse, keyboard or a Gamepad. It is one of the Best Gamepad App For Android.

#3. Ultimate Gamepad

gamepad app for android

Ultimate GAmepad is also very famous among Gamers for its great performance. It is available for Android as well as other platforms. But it works great on Android-based mobile.

Like other Gamepad, Ultimate Gamepad can also be downloaded from Google Play Store. After downloading install it on your mobile phone.

You also need to download the software for PC to play a game on PC. Installing and connecting mobile with your PC is very simple.

You can connect your mobile with PC through Bluetooth or wifi whatever you like. All the processes are simple and very fast. We suggest you use the wifi for connecting your mobile with PC as it gives great speed.

After that, enjoy your game.

#4. BT Controller

gamepad app for android

If you are in search of the Best Gamepad App For Android then you can consider BT Controller. Previously it was just a mouse and keyboard but now it has some premium features like Gamepad.

It is one of the most used gamepad apps available in the Google Play Store. You can download it from Google Play Store as well as from its official website for PC.

After downloading, install it on your mobile and PC and connect them via Bluetooth or wifi. Not its time to enjoy the Game.

You can also use BT Controller as a mouse or keyboard.

#5. V Mote

gamepad app for android

When it comes to Best Gamepad App For Android V Mote is consider as a Great Application. It is very simple and super fast. V Mote comes with a simple design with not many features.

It has a gamepad with it and supports many sensors. But it does not come with features like mouse and keyboard. For playing racing games on your PC or mobile it is considered to be the best Gamepad available in the Google Play Store.


In this article, we have shared 5 Best Gamepad App For Android mobile. You can use one of them to play a game on your android smoothly. If you ask about our choice, we prefer to use Panda Gamepad. Thanks for reading.



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