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Best mutual funds Apps in 2020

Best mutual funds in 2020

Best mutual funds in 2020

Friends, in today’s post , we will talk about those mutual funds they have given the best returns in the past one year talking about the best returns,

if some had negative returns and were in loss we will discuss,

which one gave the best returns with minimum loss This will give you an idea that which mutual fund has performed well in the past when the market was volatile

But let me tell you first that you should never invest in any fund just by checking the returns But yeah,

returns do tell you how well a mutual fund performed while others did not during a volatile market phase.

Let’s start today’s post in which we will talk about all the categories and which mutual fund in those categories had performed well in the last one year But before we start the video,

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Let’s start today’s video and firstly, we will talk about the large-cap category and best mutual fund in the large-cap category which gave the best results and exactly how much was the return? and if we compare it to its category average then how will be return So friends,

best mutual funds

if we talk about the large-cap category and the mutual fund that gave the best results under this category is Axis Bluechip Fund So Axis Bluechip Fund is a large-cap mutual fund that has given -2.40% return in the last one year Now you must be thinking that if it has given a negative return then why am I mentioning it as the best performing fund in the large-cap category So if I talk about the last year return,

maximum funds in this category have given a negative return and this fund has given the least negative return and if we talk about the recovery,

this mutual fund has recovered quite well from its bottom It had gone to its bottom when the market started getting affected by the Corona news and Nifty touched 7600 once so friends,

if I compare this mutual fund with its category, the average return of the last one year comes up to be negative 16.9% compared to which, this mutual fund has performed way better Friends,

if I talk about the Axis Bluechip holdings, it has its maximum holdings in the financial sector and If I talk about a particular stock, this has its maximum holding in HDFC bank In this,

they have a total of 7.5% of their total assets the second company in which Axis Bluechip has invested the most is called Avenue Supermarkets Ltd they have invested a total of 7% out of their total assets

best mutual funds in 2020

Talking about the third company, the name of this company is Kotak Mahindra Bank This belongs to the banking sector and it has a holding of 6.9% out of their total assets, 6.9% of assets are invested in Kotak Mahindra Bank So friends, after the financial sector,

it has most of its holdings in the technology sector In which they have invested in companies like Infosys and TCS and Let me tell you that large-cap mutual funds only invest in large and that’s why we know about these companies,

let’s now talk about the second category and the category is ELSS(Equity Linked Savings Scheme)

Many of you must be investing in ELSS to save tax because under 80C, you can save up to 1.5 lakhs by investing in ELSS which,

in turn, gives your tax benefit here it’s very important to determine which mutual fund gives the best return in the ELSS category because here you get a tax benefit as well as investment on your returns So friends,

talking about the ELSS category, the best mutual fund which has given the most returns in the last year is Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund Direct-Growth This mutual fund has provided -5.16% returns in the last year at the same time,

if I compare it with its category, which is the ELSS category, the entire

best mutual funds in india

ELSS category’s average returns for the last year is -16.5% so compared to the category average, Mirae has performed quite well as the category has given -16.5% return whereas this mutual fund has provided -5% returns so, friends, if we discuss in which category does this mutual fund has invested,

it is the financial sector where they have invested 28% out of their total asset in the financial sector if I talk about the top companies where they have invested a huge amount,

then the names of the companies are HDFC Bank – in which 9.8% out of the total asset is invested the next company is Reliance industries which is India’s biggest company in terms of market capitalization where 7.8% has been invested out of its total asset the third company belongs to the banking sector which is ICICI bank which is the second-largest company of the private banking sector and out of its total assets,

5.15 has been invested in ICICI bank If I talk about what comes after the financial sector in which they have invested a huge amount It is the energy sector So,

about 50% of its overall investment has been done in the financing of their total assets the third company belongs to the financial sector and the name of the company is City Union Bank and the investment is of 4.8% out of the total assets so, friends,

this was our today’s post in which we have explained you the 5 categories of mutual funds and also told you that under which category these mutual funds perform the best we have told you about their portfolios and also compared its returns to its category so that you get a clear picture of how a particular mutual fund has performed with respect to its category So friends, here again,

I would like you to suggest that never invest in any mutual fund just by looking at its past returns each and every mutual fund has its own investment objective and different risk appetite different risk potential and also every investor has a different risk appetite by looking at these parameters only you should decide which fund is the best fit for you Also,

you should check its portfolio also and several other parameters as well in which you should concentrate such as the expense ratio,

educational that can help you to become a better and intelligent investor. Happy Investing!

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