Gboard For Android Now Supports Over 500 Languages


Google has announced that it Gboard keyboard App now supports more than 500 languages across over 40 writing systems.

Tech Giant Google launched the Gboard App in December, 2016 with the support of only 100 language varieties.

Now two year after the launch, Gboard virtual keyboard has crossed the mark of supporting 500 languages.

After its launch Gboard become a distinctive key feature on Android, that offers well typing experience and plenty of useful features.

Now it started to support more than 500 languages (precisely 567 languages) which is huge in number.

According to Google 567 different languages means more than 90% of the world now type their first language with Gboard.

This is an important achievement for a two-year-old app, as half of the world use ten most common languages to communicate where other half speaks thousands of different languages.

Google also confirmed that Gboard has started to support over 40 distinct writing systems, ranging from scripts used in many languages. Such as Roman and Cyrillic to the script that is used only one language like Ol Chiki used for Santali.

To help its users communicate more efficiently, Google customized the keyboard layouts for each of the language varieties that it supports. Autocorrect and predictive text feature present as well.

Many of the Gboard’s newly added languages are not widely used in newspapers or in books.

To add these languages It creates a machine learning language model that trains Gboard to know when and how to autocorrect your typing, or to predict your next word.

If there isn’t a lot of data available online on the newly added language, the company share a list of writing promotes with a native speaker to create a text database.

The company executive wrote in a blog that “Once we’ve built support for a language, we always invite a group of native speakers to test and fill out a survey to understand their typing experience”.

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Gboard – die Google-Tastatur
Gboard – die Google-Tastatur



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