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Top 5 Regions Where The Google Pixel 7 Genius Beats The Iphone 14 Expert Max

The Apple iPhone has ruled numerous regions of the cell phone industry for a long time now. Not at all like different brands, Apple doesn’t pack a lot of equipment specs in their cell phones. However, iPhones can coordinate the exhibition of practically any telephone out there with the most noteworthy of specs. This is because of two elements. Apple, most importantly, has been utilizing its own Working Framework since the very beginning. Thus, their product has been profoundly streamlined for the sort of equipment they use in building their telephones.



Then again, pretty much every Android gadget out there uses parts from various makers. Pretty much every Android maker utilizes either Snapdragon or MediaTek chipsets. In as much as these chipsets might be excellent, they have not been enhanced for a specific telephone. Thus, it will be extremely challenging for any of these telephones to contend with any semblance of Apple’s iPhones.

Programming handling is one more test for most Android cell phones. The authority Android Working Framework that pretty much every Android cell phone utilizes is given by Google. So once more, Android telephone makers will battle to advance the operating system for their telephones. Indeed, numerous makers attempt to improve Android to suit their brands. In any case, this preferably makes the product heavier than it used to be. Subsequently, making the working framework run somewhat slower than it expected to.

iPhones then again don’t have to go through every one of these hustles. All that has been very much enhanced for the equipment. So it doesn’t require on top of the rooftop spec sheets to perform well. Making iPhones seem as though they are the absolute best.


However, that isn’t the case any longer. Because of Google and Tensor Chip. Google telephones have forever been so perfect from the very first moment. Speed, familiarity, battery duration, and camera. Yet, they scarcely had any opportunity against the iPhone. This is on the grounds that they were utilizing an alternate chipset very much like different makers.

At last, the Google Tensor chip is here and everything has changed. Obviously, the primary Tensor chip had various issues. Yet, that doesn’t appear to be the situation with the new Tensor G2 chip. Truly, it is all that the Tensor G1 chip wasn’t. Also, if I somehow happened to be Apple, I would be concerned.

With its own product (Android) and its own chipset (Tensor), the Google Pixel telephones currently have the stuff to give Apple difficult issues. Assuming you are an Apple client, I’m sorry to illuminate you that you presently have practically nothing to gloat about.

The Google Pixel 7 Genius packs a ton of highlights that gives it an edge over the iPhone 14 Ace Max. As a matter of fact most commentators say the Google Pixel 7 Genius is the savviest telephone on the planet at the present time. In this article, we will talk about 5 regions where the Google Pixel 7 Genius beats the iPhone 14 Star Max. So assuming you are confounded about which of the two telephones to purchase, just read through first.



We should discuss the cost first. You can’t imagine purchasing a cell phone disregarding the cost. That is the reason pretty much every producer uncovers costs when they are reporting new cell phones. The inquiry is, what decides the cost of a cell phone? Specs are the response. The higher the specs, the more costly it is. It’s seriously basic.

I bet nobody will spend more than 1,000 Bucks ($1,000) on a sluggish and laggy telephone, why? Since a costly telephone ought to look, feel and perform like a costly telephone. The iPhone 14 Master Max is selling for about $1,400 and it is entirely reasonable. Since it has an adequate number of specs to interest at that cost tag.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where you could get far superior specs for about $300 not exactly the iPhone 14 Master Max. This is what’s going on with the Google Pixel 7 Master. The best telephone at the best cost. The 512GB iPhone 14 Star Max is selling for $1,399 whereas the 512GB variant of the Google Pixel 7 Expert sells for just $1,099. Google is attempting to demonstrate that you don’t have to spend a lot to have the best telephone in your grasp.


I realize a ton will contend that this isn’t anything to look at. In any case, hang on a second, let me explain to you why. I have gone over a ton of iPhone clients with broken camera knocks in any event, when they have a telephone case on. I saw several Pixel 6 telephones with a similar issue too. I think Google has seen it as well. Subsequently, the motivation behind why the Pixel 7 Series presently utilizes metallic camera knocks rather than glass.

We are discussing sturdiness here. For this situation, the Google Pixel 7 Genius beats the iPhone 14 Ace Max with regards to sturdiness. The camera knock on the Pixel 7 Ace likewise assists make the telephone with penning when you are utilizing your telephone while it is put on a level surface.


The Google Tensor chip is about Man-made consciousness and programming handling. Apple’s discourse acknowledgment is excellent, no question. In any case, we are discussing a discourse acknowledgment so great that it could in fact feel your feelings.

Assuming you have at any point given the discourse acknowledgment a shot of the two telephones, you will understand that Google is miles ahead in this classification. Google’s discourse acknowledgment works like a human. It knows where to put commas, where to put full pauses and even where to put an accentuation mark.

The precision of the discourse acknowledgment on the Google Pixel 7 is really unrivaled by some other telephone out there. It could recognize your voice and separate it from the voice of the other party when you are having a discussion with somebody.



Having different approaches to opening your telephone is by all accounts something that most clients appreciate. Since Apple eliminated the customary home button from the iPhone, all iPhones have consistently missed the mark on finger impression scanner.

Most likely, the facial acknowledgment works so precisely and it is likewise exceptionally secure. However, there are minutes where you simply miss the Touch ID. Indeed, even with the Face ID actually working, having the unique finger impression scanner would have been stunningly better.

The Google Pixel 7 Star then again utilizes both facial acknowledgment and the unique finger impression scanner. Also, remember that it is still far more less expensive than the iPhone 14 Genius Max.


Presently, before you discuss the iPhone 14 Star Max likewise having 4K video recording, kindly listen to me first. In addition to the iPhone, most telephones out there can keep in 4K. Yet, the Google Pixel 7 Ace can accomplish something with 4K video recording that no other telephone out there can do.

While keep a video in 4K 60fps, the Google Pixel 7 Star permits you to switch focal points ceaselessly the video shoot. You can rapidly change from primary lense to wide point or Zooming focal point. While the video recording is as yet progressing. Sad to say this, yet you can’t do that on the iPhone 14 Star Max ceaselessly the video.

There are a few additional regions we could discuss. Be that as it may, the night is getting hazier. So these are the main 5 regions where the Google Pixel 7 Star overwhelms the iPhone 14 Genius Max. The following time you need to boast about the elements of the iPhone 14 Ace Max, simply ensure none of your companions utilize the Google Pixel 7 Ace.


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