WhatsApp All New Upcoming And Updated Features For Android


WhatsApp evolved over the years and has changed the way we communicate.

Initially it launched as a plain vanilla instant messaging app with few users and now has a base of billion+ users who rely on it for instant messaging.

From few users to billion+ active monthly users and all the credit goes to the personable features that continuously making their way to this app.

In the past few days, WhatsApp added few features on its Android platform and few are on the way to come soon.

Here is all the list of updated and upcoming features of WhatsApp.

1 – Dark Mode

This mode turns the white background of WhatsApp into the dark theme.

So, chatting at night time will become more comfortable as it gives less strain on your eyes.

This feature also consumes less power and improve your phone’s battery life.

This feature is under development and can come soon for all Android users.

Dark mode is not new in the market. It already was seen on few apps like YouTube, Twitter, Google Chrome, Google Maps, and others

2 – Share Contacts Via QR Code

This feature will help you to share your contacts information more easily.

Instead of giving your WhatsApp numbers digit-by-digit, you can able to generate a QR Code which holds your contact information and share it.

Once you shared this QR Code, WhatsApp will automatically fill all fields and the contact will be added in the recipient address book.

For the safety purpose, the user can revoke the QR Code which then stops it from being shared and spread around without their consent.

This feature is not out yet but it could be available for all the users very soon.

3 – Group Calling Shortcut

This feature is already available on Ios platform and recently spotted on Android beta version. It is hoping that this feature will be available for all Android users very soon.

In this feature WhatsApp going to add a standalone button to make a group video call.

By tapping on that button, it will show you all the members of the group except who are not in your contact list.

From which you can select a maximum of three users at a time to call simultaneously.

4 – Multi Share Files

This feature allows you to share files like PDF, audio etc. With your two or more WhatsApp contacts from a different app.

It also gives you a preview of that message before you sent it.

This feature is already available for all Android users.

5 – Media Preview

This feature will allow you to view image or GIF or Video directly from your notifications tray.

If someone sent you an image or video or GIF and you are in hurry and won’t want to go into the app to view it.

You can simply swipe down the notification panel and view what’s been sent.

This feature is spotted on Ios platform and will be available on Android users very soon.

6 – Ranking of Contacts

This feature allows WhatsApp users to rank their contact on the basis of interaction with them.

As per the report of WABetaInfo, good ranking means if there is an exchange of media, text messages will be ranked as average ranking.

Ignoring a particular message or status would be counted as a bad ranking.

This feature would make its way on Android platform very soon.

7 – Add Contact Within WhatsApp

This might surprise you since you can able to add contacts within the WhatsApp but there is a change.

Earlier it allows you to add contacts by accessing the “contacts app” of your phone.

Now it allows users to add contacts within the WhatsApp itself.

Once the feature is available, WhatsApp ask you to choose the country from where the person belongs to and then automatically add the country code, following which you can add the phone number and enjoy chatting.

8 – Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Mode

This feature is already available for both Android and iOS users.

By the help of this feature, you can able to view a video inside WhatsApp without navigating to any third-party apps.

When the contact of yours sent you a video from YouTube, Facebook or Instagram to your WhatsApp.

You can open it right there by clicking on it without leaving the chat window by the help of Picture-In-Picture (PIP) mode.



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